Founders is a collection of interviews with many of the world's finest entrepreneurs. 

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Below are just a few of the familiar faces we've interviewed.

Sahil LavingiaFounder of Gumroad
Brian WongFounder of Kiip
Tom SerresFounder of
Drew WilsonFounder of Valio Con
Sacha GreifFounder of
Sam SoffesFounder of Cheddar
Walker WilliamsFounder of Teespring
Aaron GotwaltFounder of Seesaw
Kyle BraggerFounder of Forrst
Daniel BrusilovskyFounder of Teens in Tech
Adii PienaarFounder of WooThemes
Christian OwensFounder of Paddle
Marc KohlbruggeFounder of
Anthony FeintFounder of
Ryan OrbuchFounder of Basil
Sean SpoonerFounder of Magnate
Adam GoldsteinFounder of Hipmunk
Steve DericoFounder of Bixby Apps

What is it? is an eBook with interviews from many of the world's finest entrepreneurs and startup founders. Each interview highlights the founders' success and failures, words of advice, as well as information on their current startups and projects.

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